Regulation system ETATHERM was developed by firm ETATHERM, s.r.o. Litovel. After severe examinations in the state testing laboratory and solid certifying in the practice in the spring of the 1993 there was initiated its serial production. The initial heating regulation system for the small buildings (flats, detached houses) was extended by other functions and it was with success applicated in schools, hospitals, office-buildings, factories ecc.

Fundamental conception feature of the ETATHERM regulation is the nonsimultaneous heating, it means individual temperature control of individual rooms according to the programme.

principle - diagram

In period of disuse of any room its temperature can be lowered by what a lot of energy can be saved (commonly up to circa 30%). The return of the spent means is usually very quick. One of advantages of the installation is as well a simple distribution of signals/feeding by only one two-wire (own patent).

design, activity principle

The ETATHERM set can be used, being made an agreement with the producer, to many special requests (especially by alterning the inner programme of the control computer). These possibilities were used in practice for example to heating regulation of a building with the heat storage stove (the treatment against the overheating), to watching over the maximum of the electricity consumption with gradual switching off of the heaters ecc. For the application in the block of flats the control units are supplied with coded reaching of the user's programme. One control unit can serve to several flats.


Control unit:

Hot water systems:

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