ETATHERM is an IRC system destined to an individual regulation of singular rooms heating according to the programme (arbitrarily preparated by the user). It is applicable as to the hot water heating as to the direct electric heating systems. The basic character of the regulation set is a list of adresses (usually belongins to individual rooms or areas) and a low voltage two-wire bus ETATHERM by which the control unit communicates with adressed terminal elements (containing spatial thermo-sensors) and provides them the feeding. Several terminal elements can be connected to the same adress. The terminal elements generally are: - electronic heads with the actuating mechanism proportionally controlling valves of the hot water central heating bodies, - terminal modules controlling the polarized latching relays plates which swich on/off the electric heaters (convector heaters, radiant heaters, floor heating, heat storage stoves, ecc.)

The control unit feeding (12V dc) is designed like an independent network supply (for the socket). The special control commands can be took (like a nonpotential contact) to the special control unit input and by these can be introduced a special programme mode (to switch the electric heaters off by the network signal, ecc.).

System ETATHERM was significantly innovated. Wea are preparing new pages. Thank behind understanding.